Work stressed me last Saturday (it always do) and left the office leaving behind stupid instructions undone from demanding and lately cautious superior.
I took the MRT and headed south to Galleria and wait for my lovely date Dupz. We watched "IMAHENASYON" an independent released film stars Ping Medina with 20 stories and 20 directors collaborated to mold this movie. Thanks to the the Gokongwei for the Indiesine by the way. Finally the independent filmmakers have found themselves a home to show their arts to the Filipino moviegoers who wished for real quality local movies.

Maybe I am novice in seeing this kind of film yes it’s very different and creatively done though some scenes or “series” are annoying and disturbing. Lav Diaz’s contribution bored me but if it’s his to his intention he’s very good at it. If my review seemed uncultured to you well my apology…. Maiinipin kasi ako.

The b/w “Tsinelas” and the funny Action Star are “friendly” to watch. They are my favorites as well as this film where escaping Medina lamented his misfortunes to the taxi driver. I like the way it ended. The shots of the cams were very natural. In their unique form of presentation be it abstract, graphical or poetic or just usual format, the 20 films attempted to relate their stories to Edsa, the life after and before it.

To me IMAHENASYON is just ok. It could have been better.

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