sleepless in makati

lately i am spending most of the time in the office even working before my drafting table as late as 2 am. my recorded overtime for september registered 144 hours. thats a lot of money but health is in peril when you lack sleep.(i sigh here.)

if not for a good pay i will not be happy and i will quit. everyday is a challenge! and i am to surpass it come what may because i need career stability.

and speaking of grievances, i thought of someone that i need to say sorry with. Because lately i am taking her for granted i apologize for the shortcomings. i love you po. at pinagmamalaki ko yun. sorry na rin. love you uli

and to the few good avid fans of my page sorry for the mushyness i put here.

tommorow's another monday. i can only say syet! trabaho na naman.

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nang said...

im about to give up, being taken for granted makes me feel that you dont care bout me....anyway, i appreciate all your effort, and if i dont understand you...im also sorry.....