my blog absence

will i blame my work load that it unfree the time suppose to spend relaxing for my absence in doing this activity? or shall i blame limewire for making me busy online in not writing a pulitzer worth entry? anyway i'll just blame my self for not making an effort to juice out a shitty literature in my mind that is sooo occupied with porns, music and low life thoughts.

there have been too much work load lately and the july typhoons dared not to stop me. my body is complaining a lot, yes i am aware! i should brought my vitamins with me. day by day i feel my beauty apparates into thin air. naks! i am also losing weights.

spending nights in the office is fun only in the beggining. now my back misses my bed and my arms yearn for the comfort of my pillows.

in the meantime, i need to eat! let's find some edible in the firm's ref!

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